Imedic is transforming Telemedicine services for a better tomorrow.

Imedic telemedicine as a service provides access to quality healthcare by permitting two-way, real-time interactive communication between the patient and the physician.


Imedic Telehealth leverages Remote Patient Monitoring solutions improving efficacy which has a significant positive impact on the clinical outcomes of patients. Imedic provides a communication platform for care teams and patients to collaborate. Imedic monitoring devices help patients to take preventive care, reducing Emergency Department (ED) visits, hospital visits, and hospitalization.

Imedic enables Health Care Providers to offer personalized monitoring plan and tools to their patients with data connections, to review and continuously monitor patients’ vital signs at regular intervals, get alerts if there are symptoms of deteriorating health, take preventive measures through clinical decision making by communicating through video or audio call.

Care providers using Imedic RPM solutions will be able to provide a personalized monitoring plan, enabling clinicians to monitor medical conditions and comorbidities. Patients upload their health data while using Imedic connected RPM devices at home through the cellular network to their doctor. The devices used by patients would be blood pressure cuff, blood sugar, and weighing scale monitors to name a few. The patient-generated clinical data plays a key part in the prevention strategy. This uploaded data provides vital information which helps clinicians in clinical decision-making while optimizing treatments. Changes in vital signs are collected and monitored closely providing clinicians and patients with early warning indicators.

RPM reduces patient blood pressure significantly as compared to self-monitoring and improves outcomes for many avoiding admission to hospital and hypertensive crisis.

Being obese increases the host of related diseases like stroke and heart disease. Remote monitoring using an Imedic device helps in early detection and taking preventive care avoids hospitalization and reduces BMI.

By using the Imedic RPM device patients can significantly lower their A1C (glycated hemoglobin) levels. The hourly monitoring by the device takes care of the ailment and reduces doctor visits for patients. Patient captures Blood Sugar on Wireless enabled CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) or wireless-enabled Glucometer. The readings are transmitted automatically to the Imedic portal or the client’s integrated EMR.

Imedic RPM devices help patients to monitor and manage their daily health activities following their personalized care plan. This empowers patients to care for their healthcare. This helps in improving patient health and in adopting healthier behaviors.

Imedic RPM helps providers care for their patients outside of the confines of their workplace. Imedic technology enables healthcare providers to keep track of real-time changes in the patients’ health data and use it in their treatment plans. Care providers get to review data from the patient’s device in the Imedic portal or an integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Records). Alerts are sent and the clinical staff is notified automatically when a patient’s readings enter a caution or critical zone.

Relevant authorities have supported RPM practices and the US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has amended the list of telehealth services eligible for reimbursement.

The use of non-invasive devices designed for hospitals and in-home settings has been authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Patients dealing with chronic diseases, senior patients, post-operative patients, and patients from areas with limited access to healthcare facilities are the main focus of RPM service providers. Seeing the potential benefits of RPM devices and services offered by AcerHealth Inc., in this field, healthcare providers have already invested or considering. Imedic technologies have created an integrated system covering the entire RPM ecosystem to serve your goals.



Imedic devices Wi-Fi and Cellular features are designed to seamlessly integrate, and the readings are transmitted automatically to our portal or to the client’s integrated EMR.