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Informed choices by individuals by choosing imedic devices helps in preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting good health.


Different patient populations do have different needs based on their different determinants of health, and to mitigate the negative effects of determinants, population health creates the necessary and different practices in care delivery between the different populations. An example of population health is chronic care management (CCM) for diabetic patients with complications.

The only category among the five health determinants which is in the focus of healthcare providers is the Medical determinant. The medical determinants include care management, access to quality care like preventative care and evidence-based care. The other health determinants fall into social, environmental, genetic, and behavioral domains.

Environment determinants are inclusive of air and water safety, exposure to a toxic environment, and availability of healthy foods. Genetic determinants cover the areas of a patient’s predisposition to a particular disease due to genetic variation. The last category of health determinant is called behavioral determinant which covers the areas of tobacco and alcohol use, diet, and exercise. Health providers have started providing solutions in these fields apart from providing solutions to medical determinants which is in focus right now.

Imedic RPM devices play a vital part for healthcare providers to offer solutions and management of their patients to give the best quality value-based health care.