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  • 23 Jan, 2021
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Remote Patient Monitoring - Telehealth Services Anytime Anywhere

With the widespread availability of consumer technology and leveraging of the same, patients can connect with clinicians from the comfort of their homes. Using RPM devices, virtual visits have become popular and widespread through telehealth applications in recent times. Patients can schedule their appointments, and through virtual contact get quality cost-effective care with improved support and feedback. Patients using RPM devices see improvement in medication compliance, reductions in visits to the practitioner’s office, and readmissions. The convenience of accessing healthcare consultations from home, office, or any location saves travel time, missed or rescheduled appointments, and helps patients living in isolated communities or with limited mobility and transportation options. Encourages patient’s to self-manage their health. Real-time patient health data is sent continuously to healthcare providers from patient’s RPM devices which helps them to fine-tune the treatment plan if needed. With remote monitoring, patients feel confident in their recovery process as they are aware that they have been monitored 24/7 and even interact face to face with clinicians via virtual visit technology.

  • Access to better healthcare.
  • Improved support and feedback.
  • Improvement in quality of care.
  • Delivery model which is convenient.
  • Medication compliance improvement.
  • Reduction of cost of care.
  • Reduction in readmissions and visits to the practitioner’s office.
  • Better engaged patients stay healthy, take control of their health and in the process improve their health. Imedic RPM devices act like a bridge connecting patients and the healthcare team, which makes all the difference in the world in terms of patient health outcomes. RPM imedic tool not only collects patient’s health data but transmits the same to clinicians. The patient is updated regularly thru the clinical staff Through continuous, and instant connection between patients participating in the RPM program, and their caregiver's patients are exposed to expanded levels of education, support, and feedback, as compared to traditional models of healthcare.