Telemedicine as a service provides access to high-quality healthcare and is efficient as it permits two-way communication between the patient and physician.


Medication management, specialist consultation, chronic disease management, and virtual visit all fall under the category of telemedicine. The three ways in which telemedicine is delivered are through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Interactive Patient Care (ICP), and store and forward process. The advantage of using telemedicine can be seen in areas of treatment and monitoring of chronic conditions of seniors at home. Telemedicine when offered to patients is a two-way interactive, real-time communication via phone, video, or chat.

With recent technological advancements and innovations taking place in the telemedicine industry, healthcare providers are able to adapt to the changes and offer better quality care management, diagnosis, counseling, and monitoring of patients. Imedic Remote Patient Monitoring devices play a very important role in the field of telemedicine care. RPM data and alerts generated provide real-time information to clinical staff to take necessary precautionary measures and can take correct informed decisions. Real-time patient data provides information such as virtual telemedicine visits and helps healthcare providers in ensuring compliance of the patient – all without an office appointment.

With imedic RPM devices physicians and clinical staff on receiving patient health data and automated patient health alerts in real- time, enables them to intervene and take informed decisions. As there is always two-way communication on a continuous basis between a patient and the healthcare provider, a strong bond is established, and patients are more satisfied and engaged with their health. RPM as a telemedicine solution help healthcare provider manage patients after discharge and ensure quality clinical and low-cost care is provided. Combining both telemedicine and remote patient monitoring devices from imedic helps physicians of patient retention and care considerably.