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Monitoring patient’s vital signs the patient health data is sent to the server. Also, notification is sent to patient's doctor to take corrective measures depending on the patients’ health data.


For wireless medical devices used in patient remote monitoring to work patients using such devices have to stay inside coverage of network area. Imedic RPM devices and solutions offer solutions in this regard. Imedic devices use remote patient tracking and monitoring (RPTM) systems. The medical devices when used by patients send health data to an Android/iOS based mobile device, which, in turn, periodically send patient’s vital health data to the server or the clinicians’ electronic medical records (EMR) database.

Physicians get information about the patient’s health status in real-time. Ease of application, accuracy, and data security is one of the key components of imedic devices and applications. One of the key benefits is it provides an interface between the physician and patients for two-way communication via video conferencing or voice call. The system developed is equipped to generate warning messages both to the physician and the patients under critical circumstances.

Data from wearable devices are used to share information between patients and clinicians, in addition to virtual visits, texts, email, and mobile phone applications. Imedic devices and applications improve communication and coordination of care, and patients get quality, efficient and affordable care.